Since the start of the business, Open steel structure rapid development, continuous innovation, so that the company's product line is increasingly rich, market competitiveness enhanced, and has obtained the steel structure secondary special qualification, steel structure engineering level qualification, a large number of loyal users from various regions. The company in the pursuit of excellence on the road forward, the development trend is high, continue to write a new chapter in the industry......

  • Open Steel Structure was founded in Shanghai Pudong in 1998, then known as Datu Steel Structure.
  • Contract TO operate the THIRD BRANCH of Shanghai GENERAL Metal Structure Engineering Co., LTD.
  • 2004 OPEN TRUSS COMPANY was ESTABLISHED, THE FIRST truss production factory was set up in Fengxian Wuqiao Town.
  • In 2006, Open invested in Lanke shock absorption and began to cooperate with Tongji University.
  • 2008 Absorbed and merged Baosteel Construction General Songjiang factory.
  • In 2009, a new 20,000 square meter plant of Open Steel Structure Jinshan factory was completed and put into operation
  • 2010 Wholly acquired Xinxin Plate of Baosteel Group, and exchanged shares with "Kuailian Door Industry", becoming the second shareholder of Kuailian door industry.
  • In 2011, Hubei Open was completed and put into operation, covering an area of 155 mu and a plant area of 25,000 square meters.
  • In 2012, the sales volume of Open Steel Structure exceeded 500 million yuan for two consecutive years, and the annual contracted project area exceeded 1 million square meters.
  • In 2013, the registered capital of Open increased to 60 million yuan and obtained the secondary special qualification of steel structure.
  • In 2015, obtained the first-level qualification of steel structure engineering. Open Steel Structure (Beijing) Co., LTD was established.
  • In 2016, Open General Contracting Division was established. The A3 warehouse of Liuyang Prologis Logistics Park was built using the "promoted building system" developed by Open, which was well received by owners and industry insiders. It is the first promoted building in Asia.
  • In 2017, the "Jieyue" building system developed by Open was implemented in Ningbo Yunda project, and won the attention of the industry at the 2017 Asia Building Industrialization Exhibition. In the same year, it obtained the second-level general contracting qualification.
  • 2018 "Jieyue" System 2.0 has been reviewed by the expert group and implemented in Yangshan Port Tonghua and other projects.
  • In 2019, the industry standard "Technical Regulations for Corrugated Steel Composite Frame Structure" edited by Open and the national standard atlas "Optimal Rib Laminated Plate" were officially approved. Construction of the Nantong plant in Open began.
  • 2020 "Corrugated steel plate Combination frame Structure Technical Regulations", "Excellent rib mold free combination floor" issued, Open Nantong factory put into operation......