Open Building Systems Integrated Solutions

An excellent building system requires years of professional accumulation, the support of many excellent products, the support of factory equipment and technology, and the guarantee of process schemes. Through 20 years of continuous accumulation, Open building system has formed a perfect product system.

  • Roof controlled pre-punching technology
  • Prefabricated Steel Components
  • Roofing plate field molding technology

Open Steel provides the overall solution for PEMB projects

Customer satisfaction building is our goal, we hope to provide customers with quality service in the design stage, for the construction of beautiful and practical industrial buildings to lay a good foundation. The company has a number of branches in China, the headquarters of the technical center and office are able to respond to the engineering information in the first time. We will complete the task efficiently and quickly whether we quote according to the drawing or optimize the design of the scheme.

Architectural design Services

Provide good design consultation to customers

Structural solution services

Cooperate with customers to determine the optimal building size

Relying on its own development software, to achieve fine structure calculation

Cooperate with design institute to make drawings and review drawings

Automatic detail design to ensure accurate component size

Tongji and Zhejiang University expert team difficult structure to provide strong technical support